Updated  June  9, 2020


Darci Adams 

(253) 517-8161


The following is a list of Affirmations that you may enjoy.

My Spirit Guide has requested the first one go out

to the whole world. As God put it to me...

"I want this in the hands of every person on this planet."

It has truly helped many people

through many of their difficulties, which began

with the banking problems in September 2008.

It will also help to balance you while

going through the ascension process, and

releasing the old baggage we can't take with us.


**I AM at Peace and all the chaos around me

does not disturb my Peace of Mind

for ALL IS WELL in my world.

(Just remember, the energies of anything you read, see or hear,

that are outside your outstretched finger tips...

you do not need to bring that energy into your

heart or solar plexus...inside your world) 

New addition: See yourself standing in the "eye of the storm"

in your "Pillar of Peace" 

(My world is filled with Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love!)

The next is a short Protection Affirmation

I surround myself with the Holy Divine White Christ Light,

the Violet Flame and Pink Light of Gods Eternal Love

which Guides, Guards and Protects me from

ALL things seen or unseen, inwardly and outwardly

at all times.

Forgiveness of Self and Others is a MUST in order to move forward.

"All that has ever offended me, I Forgive.

Whatever has made me

bitter, angry or unhappy, I Forgive;

Within and without, I Forgive.

I Forgive all things past & all things present, I Forgive.

I forgive Everything and Everybody

who can possibly need forgiveness...

from my past and present.

I am Free and they are now Free.

All things are cleansed between us

Now and Forever."

So Be It. And So It Is.


I forgive myself for any and all hurtful thoughts, words or deeds

I have uttered about myself or others...past, present and future.

I release these thoughts from Every atom and cell of my body.

I am surrounded and filled with the Violet Flame which

consumes all negative aspects from my mind and body.

Every atom and cell of my I AM Body is

NOW happy, full of Joy and Completely at Peace.

So Be It and So It Is


Are you having any financial issues?

The following will open the Abundance Flow for you. 

(Remember, affirmations take approximately 28 to 30 days

to change your consciousness. )

Thank you God for my Abundance

pouring forth from the Universe.

I Gratefully and Gracefully accept it now

and ask for more.


I believe in Gods infinite abundance

and my needs are Always met.


I am connected to and graciously accept my

Unlimited Source of Abundance

from everywhere NOW.


I AM accepting my abundance with

Grace and Ease




I release my attachments to ALL outcomes.

I release the old and allow the

new to unfold with ease and grace now.

I believe in Gods love.

And it is so.


As you use these affirmations, Please accept your Many Blessings!