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An Introduction to 
Darci Adams
Darci has been an intuitive visionary since childhood.  Her healing work began in her late teens.  At age five her mission as a Spiritual Warrior began, which led her through many challenges in life; then in 1973 to the Chapel of Light Spiritualist Church in Portland, OR where, at the "strong request" of a Spirit Master, she was ordained at the Awareness of Life Church in Renton, WA, Easter of 1987...working with both churches. 
One of her first messages said she was a Mediator and a Way Shower.  Many years later she was instructed that she was also a Watcher and Recorder.  She has been used exten-sively in all these positions and takes her instructions seriously.
She began  reading the cards in 1976.  Her public reading began in 1982 at the Coliseum in Portland, Oregon.
The majority of her knowledge comes direct from her Spirit Guides and Teachers.  Using  her gifts of Spiritual Sight, Sound and Sensitivity, clear channeling and the Tarot cards, she brings forth the clearest and most positive insight to those who are seeking personal and spiritual growth and answers.
Some of Darci's accomplishments include speaker, songwriter, singer and author of "Whispers From Beyond"...a story of her spiritual struggles through poetry.  She led a one year workshop on  a 'Course of Miracles',  Introduction to "I Ching"workshops 
and the "Chakra/Energy and Cord Clearing" meditation prepare for the ascension process.  She is currently working on her Memoirs..."The Mystical Magical Miracles in the life of Darci aka Menalee aka Dolores".
Darci has worked as a "Psychic/Medium Card Reader" at many psychic fairs in Oregon and Washington.  These include Lou Free's group, Ocean Shores, The Seattle Body, Mind, Spirit Expo's, Boeing Parapsychology Fairs, First Spiritualist Church of Puyallup psychic fairs,  Meeker Mansion, Maitreya Center,  Friends, Philosophy & Tea in Bellevue, Mellinetti Intuitive Arts Faire and Emerald Spiral.  She was also a reader at 'Books and Friends', 'Claudia's', 'Psychic Spectrum', and 'New Woman Books'.
Having studied many healing modalities, she holds two Reiki Master Certificates, Melchizedek Level I & II and Medical Intuitive Certificates.  She uses a combination of all of these, including crystals,  colors and pendulum to channel God's Healing energy to her clients. 
In 2007 her Spiritual Master instructed that she now call herself a 'Spiritual Touch Healer'.  Her healing energies became intensified at that time.
In 1972 she began receiving "independent voice" direction from her spirit guides during critical episodes in her life.  She has also experienced being bathed in the 'Holy Divine White Christ Light' on four special occasions while working on special missions with God/Spirit.
Darci's previous spiritual name was Menalee Adams, which she received in 1974.  Spirit told her it meant "Bearer of Truth and Light", which she continually strives to live up to.  In 2004, she was again advised to change her name...due to the energy changes.  She had been given the name 'Darcelina, Daughter of the Arches' in 1987.  She took the derivative Darci legally, which changed her life instantly!
Darci is: A Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient,  Conscious Channel, Intuitive Card Reader,  Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Author, Singer, trained Hypnotherapist, "Spiritual Touch Healer" and Ordained Minister.
Sometimes"just plain talking" is all that is needed.
She is very serious about her work and does not take what she does lightly.
Her Mission Statement: "Help others find their Inner Peace and Guidance"
Darci is available for private readings and healing work.   
Call: 253-517-8161 for appointment 
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